Ab Wheel, The Bolt Pack

Ab Wheel, The Bolt Pack

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Product Description

The Bolt Pack The pack provides you with everything you need for a full body workout, from the comfort of your home. The pack comes standard with a patent pending resistance wheel, EVA foam knee mat, and nylon carrying bag. And as a free gift you will receive a digital jump rope which calculates calories, times, distance, and also is height adjustable. The resistance wheel is a patent pending exercise device that was created to trigger your upper body muscles. When using the wheel you will not only be building and toning your muscles but also burning away your unwanted fat and strengthen your spin and internal core. And when used simultaneously with the digital jump rope, you receive a complete fat burning and muscle building work out. There isn't a single machine at the gym that can achieve all this in one exercise. Benefits: • Builds your abdominals, chest, arms, shoulders, and back muscles • Relives the back of stress and discomfort while exercising • Strengths, tones, and develops muscles • Burns fat • Strengths internal core (transversus abdominis muscle) and spin, which in turn helps your back stay strong and healthy • Resistance wheel is one of the only advanced abdominal exercises that tends to "flatten" the belly because of the peripheral training of the TVA in such exercises • Helps with positioning while exercising, which triggers and actives muscle receptors more vigorously • Results seen and felt much quicker If used daily results are viewed/felt within the first month.


  • Ideal for all fitness levels
  • High quality, durable, patent pending Resistance Wheel
  • One motion that tones the abs, chest, shoulders, arms, and back muscles

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