aeroSling ELITE Set APE suspension trainer set

aeroSling ELITE Set APE suspension trainer set

aeroSling ELITE Set APE suspension trainer set Rating:
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Product Description

The aeroSling ELITE Set APE is the premium set of our sets it puts an entire fitness gym at your hands. With the aeroSling ELITE Plus you will receive a premium training set. The aeroSling ELITE Plus is an upgrade of the well-known aeroSling ELITE and contains special technical extras that are meant for the professional and ambitious user. It has the aeroSling Ultra Pulley already assembled and includes the aeroSling Flex Clips. The aeroSling Flex Handle XL is the perfect accessory for all kinds of exercises where you want to fixate your arms, legs or even your upper body, e.g. hanging leg raises or any crunch variation. Its padded and well-shaped design ensures a perfect fit, supporting you during every exercise. The aeroSling PowerSpring adds an oscillating (vibrating) component, significantly increasing the training load and instability both in the compression and contraction phase of the spring, thereby, enhancing the training effect. And while intensifying your workout, the aeroSling PowerSpring makes your exercise more joint-friendly. The aeroSling T-Mount is the ideal device for a stable mounting of aeroSling products to a wall or ceiling. 1x aeroSling ELITE Plus incl. integrated door anchor 1x aeroSling Basics DVD (NTSC) 1x aeroSling T-Mount 2x aeroSling Flex Handle XL 1x aeroSling PowerSpring.


  • Bearing pulley
  • Aluminum core handles
  • Integrated door anchor
  • Detailed training DVD
  • Printable training schedules for the beginner as well as for the advanced athlete

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