aeroSling ELITE suspended pulley trainer

aeroSling ELITE suspended pulley trainer

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Product Description

The aeroSling ELITE is the top of the range model of aerobis sling trainers. It is an expandable training platform designed for exercising the entire body. Hundreds of individual exercises and exercise combinations are possible. You can also expand the aeroSling ELITE with optional accessories. You can keep on evolving your training program tailored to your personal needs. Suspended pulley training - the (r)evolution of sling training It is more than just an exciting experience to perform sling training with a pulley. The pulley also enables a lot of new exercises and allows you to exercise freely in all directions. The instability introduced by the pulley enhances your exercises by simultaneously affecting strength and muscle coordination. Perfectly natural and flowing movements are possible. Easily adjustable & designed for extreme loads The ELITE is delivered with high-quality handles made of a aluminum core. The height of the handles can easily be changed in a matter of seconds with the patented grip knots. The aeroSling ELITE comes with integrated foot slings: you just need to push the handles aside, freeing the grip sling to suspend your feet. Work out anywhere you like - indoors or outdoors With the removable, integrated door anchor you are able to carry out your training almost everywhere. Use a stable object to wrap the anchor sling around or use the door anchor on a suitable door - train anywhere!


  • Bearing pulley
  • Aluminum core handles
  • Integrated door anchor
  • Detailed training DVD
  • Printable training schedules for the beginner as well as for the advanced athlete

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