aeroSling PowerSpring for aeroSling Sling Trainer

aeroSling PowerSpring for aeroSling Sling Trainer

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Product Description

The aeroSling PowerSpring is an ideal upgrade for all aeroSling units. It leads to higher intensity training both when pushing or pulling due to the increased instability introduced by the spring. Furthermore, training with the aeroSling PowerSpring makes it easier on the joints because the load transitions during exercises are greatly absorbed. The oscillating (vibrating) micro movements create an additional training load. Also, during the contraction phase, the PowerSpring causes an inverse proportionate increase of the load. Full power exercising with the aeroSling PowerSpring The PowerSpring is extremely strong and designed for up to 750 kg (1653 lb). It comes with a spring limiter to protect the PowerSpring from overload. There are no limits with exercises using your entire body weight. And all this with an own weight of only 325 g (11.46 oz) and small dimensions. An upgrade for all aeroSling models The aeroSling PowerSpring is compatible with every aeroSling sling trainer and is simply hooked between the anchor sling and pulley. Every aeroSlinger can upgrade his or her aeroSling sling trainer with the PowerSpring. Additional Information The aeroSling PowerSpring includes a spring limiter and 1 aeroSling Carabiner: - made in Germany - breaking load 750 kg (1653 lb) - integrated spring limiter for high loads - no rubber-band effect - amplitude 10 cm (3.94 in) - own weight 325 g (11.46 oz)


  • Increased training intensity due to the instability in both directions, contraction and expansion
  • Designed for extreme loads, even dips, using your entire body weight
  • Easy-on-the-joints training due to the smooth transfer of loads
  • The oscillating (vibrating) micro movements of the spring create an additional training load
  • Better results: Over-proportional load increase during contraction phase

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