Aqua Jogger APM1213 XXlarge ExerSandals – Blue

Aqua Jogger APM1213 XXlarge ExerSandals - Blue

Aqua Jogger APM1213 XXlarge ExerSandals - Blue Rating:
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Protect the bottom of your feet while swimming or showering with AquaJogger Exer Sandals. These lightweight, foam sandals add flotation and resistance that will increase effectiveness of aquatic workouts. Featuring adjustable straps at the forefoot, midfoot, and ankle, the Exer sandals have an easy on and off snap release, with unisex sizing. Great for use in showers and abrasive bottom pools as the Exer Sandals contorted design allows for sports specific movements while allowing comfortable traction for walking. Sizing is as follows: XS = Men's 3 / Women's 5 Sm = Men's 4-5 / Women's 6-7 Med = Men's 6-7 / Women's 8-9 Lg = Men's 8-9 / Women's 10-11 XL = Men's 10-11 / Women's 12-13 XXL = Men's 12-13 / Women's 14-15


  • Protects feet from abrasive bottomed pools and public showers.
  • Increases results by increasing resistance and flotation.
  • Ajustable straps at forefoot, midfoot, and ankle.
  • Easy on and off snap release.
  • Water shoes provide protection for feet and traction when walking.

Aqua Jogger APM1213 XXlarge ExerSandals - Blue 3.0 out of 5 based on 1 ratings.
Aquatic Fitness

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