Bar-ricade Door Security Bar

Bar-ricade Door Security Bar

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Featured on Nat Geo, Bar-ricade is primarily a length of square steel tubing mounted on specially flanged lag bolts that go into the jack studs of your house - not the door frame. Even if the locks are picked or drilled, or the door frame is broken, the bar-ricade will hold. Slides on and off easily and weights only 4 pounds. The BEST security device you can put on an exterior door in your home. When ordering please specify the width of your door so we can ship the correct size. If no size is specified, we will ship a bar for a 36 inch door.


  • Bar-ricade get's your door as close to "kick proof" as possible withot major structural changes to your home.u
  • The Strongest piece of interior door security hardwarer on the market.Made of Steel. Will not bend or break without THOUSANDS of pounds of force.
  • Installs in minutes without cutting your door trim with simple hand tools.This item WILL NOT SHIP OUTSIDE CONUS.
  • You MUST send a note with your order telling me how wide your door is from edge to edge so I can ship the correct size bar. Thanks!

Bar-ricade Door Security Bar 4.6 out of 5 based on 9 ratings.
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