Body-Bands Pro Elite 3/4-Inch Wide Loop Resistance Band, Black (1-Pair)

Body-Bands Pro Elite 3/4-Inch Wide Loop Resistance Band, Black (1-Pair)

Body-Bands Pro Elite 3/4-Inch Wide Loop Resistance Band, Black (1-Pair) Rating:
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Pair of CrossFit 3/4" Wide Resistance Bands. Body Bands Pro Elite Series 41" Layered Loop Bands are for Fitness Professional and Athletes. The Black band is ideal for light resistance exercises that will improve your flexibility. It is also an ideal band for beginners for the whole basic level workout program. For those more advanced, this band can also be a great band to use in your fitness warm up routine. Body Bands are an incredible versatile tool for adding resistance to stretching, lifting, and bodyweight training exercises. Body Bands are great for: * P90 / CrossFit / or any Cross Training Program * Pilates and Yoga for Strength and Flexibility * Personal Trainers and Fitness Instructors * Business travelers or anyone on the go * Athletes through any fitness level * A Simple, Fast, and Effective Workout These professional grade bands are made from natural rubber latex in a single continuous layering process. This gives each band 15 layers of latex for added strength and performance..much better than molded bands. Loop Band Resistance Levels: * 1/4" | Light Orange | 5 to 15 Pounds of Resistance * 1/2" | Red | 10 to 35 Pounds of Resistance * 3/4" | Black | 30 to 50 Pounds of Resistance * 1 1/8" | Purple | 40 to 80 Pounds of Resistance * 1 3/4" | Green | 50 to 120 Pounds of Resistance * 2 1/2" | Blue | 60 to 150 Pounds of Resistance * 3 1/4" | Orange | 70 to 180 Pounds of Resistance * 4" | Grey | 80 to 200 Pounds of Resistance Why Body-Bands? Body-Bands offers you great high quality products at very competitive prices. Including a 60-Day Money Back Guaranty and an 18 Month Warranty. .


  • Pair of Black 3/4" Wide Layered Loop Resistance Bands providing 30 to 50 pounds of Resistance each
  • This Set is Great for Stretching, Flexibility Training, Strength Training, and Pull Up Assistance
  • Each Band has a 41" Lay Flat Length and has a 82" Circular Circumference
  • The Pro Elite Series is Body Band's Premium Line of Layered Loop Bands which are Great for Gyms, Trainers, Fitness Professionals, Athletes, & Hardcore Workouts
  • Each Band is Made by Layering a Continuous Sheet of Natural Rubber Latex which gives the Band Added Strength and Durability. Pro Elite have more layers than the Basic Series, but the same thickness.

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