Ekho “Two” Pedometer

Ekho "Two" Pedometer

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The EKHO TWO Pedometer tracks steps and multiplies them by your stride length to calculate the number of miles you traveled•      EKHO TWO Pedometer Functions: o      Step Countero      Distanceo      Extra Large Digital Displayo      Hinged Protective Covero      Durable Constructiono      Loss Prevention Strapo      Spring-loaded alligator clipo      5 year limited warrantyo      User Changeable Battery


  • The Ekho pedometers is perfect for your 10,000 step per day program.
  • This pedometer is easy to use, ideal for everyone, and the large display makes it easy to read as you exercise.
  • This model measures STEPS, DISTANCE and calories.
  • Attractive black exterior design, hinged protective case
  • FAB12-1941

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