Elite Crono Hydromag Elastogel Fluid/Magnetic Indoor Bicycle Trainer

Elite Crono Hydromag Elastogel Fluid/Magnetic Indoor Bicycle Trainer

Elite Crono Hydromag Elastogel Fluid/Magnetic Indoor Bicycle Trainer Rating:
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Elites CRONO HYDROMAG is the first hometrainer in the world that combine both the magnetic and fluid technology. The combined action of the two forces are at the basis of a trainer that has uncomparable performances concerning range of regulation and smoothness of the pedalling. Supplied with a large diameter Elastogel roller (45 mm), which allows to obtain a greater adherence with the tyre and less turns with subsequent reduction of noise level 50% superior compared to a trainer with aluminium roller, and also a prolonguing of products life and a 20% reduction of tiire consumption. The HYDROMAG unit is a device that exploits the resistance caused by the rotation of discs that rotate at high speed in n oil-filled seating. The movement of one of the discs in which the permanent magnets are fixed generates the resistance variation at the same speed. The resistance regulating system allows to train with a lower effort level during the warming up phase and with a bigger one during strengthening. All of this can be obtained without sprints in spite of the wide spacer between minimum and maximum resistance. Another important feature of this unit is the absolute progression that can be obtained in the passage between one level of resistance and the other, maintaining a roundness of pedalling typical of a road race. Another very importand innovation of the Crono Hydromag is the frame which compass self-regulating structure allows to transmit the load on the resistance unit in funct.


  • Compact bicycle trainer that combines magnetic and fluid technologies
  • Switches between 5 resistance levels with unmatched smoothness
  • Large 45mm roller is quieter and sturdier than previous rollers
  • Redesigned to cool more efficiently; includes resistance regulator

Elite Crono Hydromag Elastogel Fluid/Magnetic Indoor Bicycle Trainer 4.5 out of 5 based on 2 ratings.
Bike Trainers $729.99

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