Farm Sprayer GPS PRO

Farm Sprayer GPS PRO

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Product Description

When technology meets agriculture there becomes the opportunity to make farming more efficient. With Farm Sprayer GPS Pro you can utilize advanced guidance and GPS tools for the fraction of the price of competitors. Farm Sprayer GPS Pro is designed for spraying, but also works well with tillage, planting, spreading fertilizer or anything else that works better when you can see the ground you have covered. Farm Sprayer GPS Pro has two modes. A circle tracking mode highlights the portion of the field you have sprayed at the boom width that you enter. Line mode places parallel lines at the width you input and then as you travel the area is filled in similar to the circle mode. Farm Sprayer GPS Pro comes with a 7" android tablet loaded with the Farm Sprayer GPS software, a waterproof external GPS receiver with magnetic base, 8 ft of cord, suction cup, tablet holder, cable adapter, and indoor charger. Not only do you get a guidance system, but you get a tablet you can use for everything else too. In the photos above you can see the Farm Sprayer GPS Pro at work in the International 1086. Stay tuned as there will be other mounting options available soon. The technological advantage without breaking the bank. Farm Sprayer GPS allows you to see where you have been in the field. You can set the width of your boom, tillage equipment, or even planter and Farm Sprayer GPS PRO will highlight that area on the map as you travel Line travel mode will project parallel lines for you to follow that are boom width apart. A heading line is projected for you to line up with the parallel lines. Farm Sprayer GPS PRO uses a 48 channel external waterproof GPS receiver that has a built in magnetic base that makes installation easy. Farm Sprayer GPS is android based meaning you get the powerful tool of field guidance, plus a tablet that you can take into the home and use for other business.


  • Darker areas show overlap.
  • 48 Channel External GPS Receiver
  • 7" Screen
  • Free lifetime updates.
  • A-B line with bearing indicator helps maintain straight position.

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