Gaiam Balance Ball Beginner Kit (Medium, Green)

Gaiam Balance Ball Beginner Kit (Medium, Green)

Gaiam Balance Ball Beginner Kit (Medium, Green) Rating:
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Helps to enhances flexibility, balance and coordination; increases range of motion and will boost your overall strength. Use it as a compliment to your normal exercise or on its own as a total workout. Sturdy vinyl material has been weight tested to hold up to 300lbs. Includes BalanceBall Compilation Sampler DVD containing three guided workouts from the award-winning instructor Suzanne Deason and an air pump. Available in three sizes: Small Purple (22"/55cm), Height: Fits 5"0"-5"5"; Medium Green (26"/65cm), Height: 5"6"-5"11"; Large Blue (30"/75cm), Height: 6"0"-6"3".


  • Includes a 65-cm Balance Ball, air pump, and instructional DVD
  • 65-cm ball is suitable for people up to 5'11" tall
  • Great for working on your abs, toning, and strength exercises
  • Ball is non-toxic, durable, resilient, and weight tested up to 600 pounds

Gaiam Balance Ball Beginner Kit (Medium, Green) 3.6 out of 5 based on 26 ratings.
Balance Balls $29.99

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