[Genuine Exabody]fn000489 for Women Abs Belt Set Surendaton Evolution

[Genuine Exabody]fn000489 for Women Abs Belt Set Surendaton Evolution

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■ I train easier without moving the body by EMS People and "... do not want to hard exercise", even in people who ". Do not have time to exercise", and made it possible for anyone to train your body easily EMS exercise machine. The EMS, is a fitness tool to promote muscle activity by low-frequency. Muscle has the property to perform the contraction and relaxation when sent through a low-frequency signal. muscles I and exercise by this is repeated. It is the EMS has been developed as a muscle training method using the nature of such a body. And, was born (it sends a low frequency signal to optimal site, tighten efficiently muscle) by proprietary technologies CIS technology of BMR, the company that developed the Surendaton by employing this EMS technology this Surendaton. By tighten efficiently muscle sends a low frequency signal to optimal site, the user only needs to press the switch by winding a belt, exercise is now possible at any time. Among the Surendaton series has been a favorite in salons and professional players in the world, the machine that combines the convenience of the tightening effect of the best. That is the "Surendaton Evolution".


  • Reasons are tightening efficiently Muscle given a low-frequency signal, there is a nature to cause the phenomenon tightened tightly instantaneously called "shrinkage", this low-frequency signal is stopped, "contraction" is released, relaxation state by "relaxation" I will be led to. I will be by rhythm and this "contraction" and "relaxation" is repeated at an appropriate interval, muscle and exercise. Although there are individual differences in EMS equipment, but are able to tighten the muscles of the lower body and abdomen in a short period of time as compared to the normal muscle training.
  • Era to train with ease. If EMS equipment, with a set, even if I sit down while watching TV on the couch the rest, even if you have to work at the desk, even if lying down while listening to music in bed, even if you walking all right. You can continue without difficulty because it is easy. ■ medical support  "Surendaton" is a brand of trust. BMR, the company that developed the Surendaton, has developed the EMS equipment for more than 40 years. These devices has been introduced in rehab facilities around the world, esthetic salon, beauty, body care, sports medicine. Deep experience and deep expertise in advanced experience and advanced expertise. BMR Corporation has carried out activities around the business areas of the two. One, neuro-tech business Hospitals or health care facilities, rehabilitation facilities for that focus to the field of physical therapy and medicine. Another is Surendaton business, which was applied to fit the focus on the fitness market for general consumer, the muscle movement technology developed in this neuro-tech business.
  • The development of a product from the point of view scientific and medical In BMR's know-how in the field of science and technology and the medical field has been cultivated by neuro-tech business, that is deep experience and advanced expertise, you back up your "Surendaton" brand. What expertise of this science and technology, is one of the major difference between the EMS other equipment. For more than 40 years, BMR, Inc., is also a group of experts in the field of muscle training equipment, has been conducting marketing activities design, and manufacturing. The 1960s, we launched the NMES device equipped with a micro-programmed computer control for the first time in the world manufacturing the NMES device that provides a low-frequency signal to the nerves that control muscles already, to deal with the particular disease. Been handed down to BMR's spirit of pioneering a technique called "to transmit a low-frequency signal deep into the skin" that is, reaching the concept of impedance waveform that results in a low-frequency signal that is optimized for human muscle at last I was. As a result, safely and conveniently, Surendaton is it was developed as a device of a new stage to bring the effect of exercise on muscle. Professional in each field will trust "Surendaton" Professional uses habitually "Surendaton" Its functionality and technology, as well as design, by a wide range of program safety, excellent, for more than 30 years, EMS equipment, which was developed in the BMR's, between esthetician professional around the world, physical therapist, sports bone crusher has been used. "Surendaton" is something that has been developed "anyone as easy use at home" with the EMS technology.
  • Thorough quality control It is the responsibility of and confidence in the product you have developed, BMR's, we deliver to our customers. Therefore, the Surendaton product, serial number attached all, It is produced by quality management system of ISO13485, the international standard. It with confidence to the quality and outcome of many years of research, "Surendaton" is, I have to meet the trust of customers.  ■ Introduction of proprietary technologies  Technology of its own Surendaton up the efficiency of the exercise Even though the abdominal muscle to bite, big two, there is a muscle that is classified into five types finely. If thigh and hip, big five, is eight kinds finely. In order to train perfectly those muscles, need many kinds of exercise indeed. By CSI technology, Surendaton was it possible to train at the same time all muscles of the hip and thigh or abdominal muscle, in one. A definite reason. It C.S.I technology The Surendaton, CSI technology BMR's proprietary (Concentrated Slendertone Innervation Technology) has been used. It is now possible by CSI technology, to send the low-frequency signal to the optimal site and to efficiently tighten the muscles of the hips and waist and abdomen. Surendaton is, you can simply wear easily, to give a moderate low-frequency signal to the exact site. I only wear, to give a low-frequency signal in the flank and belly before, and give "contraction" and "relaxation" and irritation around the waist and abdomen, the muscles of the hips. By strong, deep, yet resulting in a pleasant contraction, CSI technology, I tighten by accurately and efficiently.
  • Relationship of (relaxation) expansion and contraction and relaxation Through a pad, a gradual signal is sent to the muscles. The intensity of the signal is increased in accordance with, the muscle will continue to shrink in the same way as regular exercise. To some extent, and to contract the muscle, stop once the signal, it relaxes the muscles, and are in a state of relaxation. By the operation of this contraction and relaxation is repeated, the muscles of the site to be worried about is I tense. Gel Gel is sticky to sticky does not require unnecessary In Surendaton, without using the gel has been adopted in many other EMS belt, and has adopted an adhesive pad that usability is easy to handle well. You do not have to endure the discomfort of sticky gel.

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