Gripitz Yoga and Exercise Blocks

Gripitz Yoga and Exercise Blocks

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Gripitz Blocks ,(2 in a package) allow the user to maintain a more neutral wrist position while performing exercises where your arms, wrist and hands bear weight; exercises like pushups, handstands and sun salutations in yoga. The neutral wrist decreases stress at the wrist joint and carpal tunnel, reducing tension on the median nerve. "As an orthopedic physical therapist for nearly 20 years and a student of yoga for 6, I can honestly say 'I love Gripitz'. They help my wrists stay safe and comfortable, and also double as a yoga block. I recommend them to my patients who cannot or should not perform a traditional chatarunga. They are a safe and smart yoga tool!" --Kathleen McDonough M.A.P.T. Clinical Exercise Specialist; Pilates Instructor Specialist "Gripitz allow the user to load the wrist in a more neutral position, reducing unwanted stress on the wrist joint, carpal tunnel, and surrounding ligaments" --Gretchen Nelson MSPT-Physical Therapist CYT-Yoga Instructor


  • Reduces stress on the wrists & elbows
  • Grip area is 5" long and approximately 1.75" diameter

Gripitz Yoga and Exercise Blocks 4.0 out of 5 based on 13 ratings.
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