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HiTrainer is revolutionizing sports training with a combination of advanced performance analysis solutions and high intensity training on a single machine. The HiTrainer Pro is a self propelled running surface designed to solicit a maximum muscle mass at a high level of intensity as fast as possible. Its patented technology is the only way to reach those levels that fast and is the reason it works so well. 3 minutes 3 times per week is all you need to make a significant change in your performances and your health.


  • The HiTrainer Pro is designed to significantly improve athlete's fitness in the minimum amount of time, making it an essential addition to training routines for any high intensity sport.
  • The HiTrainer Pro combines the science of high intensity interval training, instant performance feedback and its patented full time drive phase running position to provide unparalleled conditioning with minimum impact. It helps significantly develop anaerobic recovery, strength endurance and cardiovascular fitness. The less time an athlete requires working on conditioning means more time dedicate to their real sport related training.
  • Muscle cell efficiency and cardiovascular fitness are improved by creating high demand for oxygen for as long as possible. The HiTrainer positions the athlete in a constant drive phase running position to continually engage large amounts of core muscle groups. These muscles - when activated altogether via maximum effort sprint intervals & active recovery walk intervals - rapidly create huge demand for oxygen, forcing maximum cardiovascular activity and muscle cell efficiency, resulting in performance improvement across the energy system.
  • Performance analysis is an essential component in sports development to ensure optimum progression. The HiTrainer provides real-time, detailed and precise data on the user's physical condition making it possible to: evaluate an athlete's current performance, analyse performance differences against varying exercises, monitor progress, identify over-training before it's too late, adapt training schedules based on results, build a database of athletes to make comparisons, reduce trainer's workload and track a user's rehabilitation progress after injury.
  • Controller by a powerful bluetooth tablet the HiTrainer comes loaded with hundreds of different high intensity training and evaluations protocols. It also features reaction time and timed sprints features allowing to measure to the hundred of a second the users time to achieve a set distance without the need of gates and speedwatches. Trainders can create their own customized protocols and programs trough the customization functions. When linked to a Wifi connection, all data becomes accessible online trough HiTrainer's web portal.

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