Hula Hoop Energy – Yellow

Hula Hoop Energy - Yellow

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Hoop dancing is hula-hooping like you've never seen before! Imagine spiraling and turning the hoop around every inch of your body. It's sensual and mesmerizing. It's sexy and fun and it builds confidence while toning and strengthening your core. It is a low-impact workout which means you go for longer, burning even more calories without beating up your body. It also increases flexibility and balance all the while receiving a fun and exciting workout. Hoop Dancing Benefits* Great Workout* Increases Balance, Coordination and Flexibility* Burn 500 calories per hour* Boost self confidence* Low-Impact* Works Core Muscles* A perfect Cardio Workout* Extremely Fun and Addictive :)* Enjoy with Friends* Clears Your Mind* Reduces Stress* Great source of Self Expression* Increase EnergyFire Groove is a family based business who have been making high quality fire dancing equipment for nearly 10 years. They have taught fire dancing in the largest fire dancing school in the U.S. and make their products designed for the performer because they are performers themselves. We appreciate your business!


  • Heavier and larger than your typical walmart hoop these are perfect for adults wanting a fitness hoop
  • Great for both eye catching performances, fitness workouts and playful practice
  • Made from 160 psi tubing giving them the perfect weight
  • Maximum grip tape, this hoop is ideal for sticking to the body
  • These blacklight reactive hoops are guaranteed to raise your energy level

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