Muscle Roller or Foam Roller for Muscles. Used As a Deep Tissue Massage Roller or As a Trigger Point Foam Roller. The Vortex Massage Roller Is the Best Textured Foam Roller on the Market. Using Foam Rollers for Physical Therapy Has Returned Amazing Results for Myofascial Release. This Massage Roller Works As an IT Band Roller or as a Foam Roller For Physical Therapy. Great for Sore Muscles and Stiff Back Relief. Travel Size [18″x5″] – ****Three Year Warranty****

JCfitness Vortex Massage Roller (18"x5")

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When Massage Therapists Need a Deep Tissue Massage Roller -This Is What They UseYou're a hardworking mom of three. A diaper bag swings heavily from one shoulder & your toddler hangs on your hip. Your body is a jungle gym - one monkey clings to your leg & one tugs at your shirt, asking to be carried too... You're swamped at the office & spending hours at a desk on a so-so chair. You're hunched over the keyboard & the stress from a deadline sits at the base of your neck & creeps down to your shoulder blades... You're getting into shape & feeling good about life, but the stretching you do before & after workouts just doesn't cut it. You still have sore quads & knots in your back that you can't seem work out. You decide to buy a muscle roller to bring some relief to your abused body. You've heard of the benefits of foam rolling, how it can: -Release tension -Improve blood circulation -Lengthen tight muscles -Increase flexibility -Assist in muscle alignment What you haven't heard of is the new Vortex Massage Roller, the next generation muscle roller, featuring: -Dimensions of 18"x5": for convenient travel -Rubberized foam: for ideal pressure on sore tissue & for longevity -Sturdy plastic core: for long-term & superior support -Spiral contours: for better myofascial release & targeting knots You'll use this roller to: -De-stress after work or time with kids -Massage lower back, quads, hamstrings, IT bands or other large muscle groups -Supplement Yoga & Pilates workouts -Perform Physical Therapy exercises Guarantee: The Vortex is backed by a 3-Year Guarantee. Place an Order Now to Bring Relief to Your Sore Muscles!


  • Contoured surface muscle roller - Spiral textured foam roller for ideal pressure on sore muscles - Specifically designed to promote myofascial release as a trigger point foam roller to recover faster
  • Durable rubbery foam exterior - strong enough for a deep tissue massage with just the right amount of give; also easy to clean!
  • Sturdy plastic inner core - resilient and provides long lasting superior support
  • 18" in length x 5" in diameter & only 2lbs - convenient for travel, but still long enough to massage broader muscle regions
  • 3 year Ironclad manufacturer's warranty against defects in material & workmanship. You are our 1st priority just contact us and we will make it right!

JCfitness Vortex Massage Roller (18"x5") 4.6 out of 5 based on 68 ratings.
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