Rep Competition Kettlebell – 16 kg

Rep Competition Kettlebell - 16 kg

Rep Competition Kettlebell - 16 kg Rating:
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Rep competition kettlebells are great for all kettlebell exercises and easy to use due to the uniform size from weight to weight, and the easy-to-grip handle that stays the same size regardless of weight. Rep competition kettlebells are made of high quality steel, combined with the best casting method available and the benefits of a powder coated surface. Most competition kettlebells are two piece with a colored bell and welded bare steel handle. Our precision casting method creates a one-piece kettlebell, resulting in a flawless surface and perfectly smooth handle. Completely powder coated surface provides superior grip compared to bare steel and holds chalk better. Precision casting ensures smooth, even finish with no putty fillers. Color coded paint stripe for easy identification of weight. Packed in styrofoam box to ensure no damage during shipping.


  • Completely powder coated surface for extreme durability and smoothness
  • Precision casting method for the ultimate in smoothness and uniformity
  • Color-coded painted handles for easy identification
  • Flat bottoms perfect for renegade rows
  • Ships in styrofoam packed container to avoid damage

Rep Competition Kettlebell - 16 kg 5.0 out of 5 based on 3 ratings.
Kettlebells $115.00

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