Solid Sit-Up

Solid Sit-Up

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The SOLID SIT-UP is the ultimate commercial or home gym ab fitness accessory for creating the six pack abs you've always wanted. Its rugged design means you exert less energy on flimsy equipment, and more on your abdominal muscles. The SOLID SIT-UP is designed to bolt directly on your wall, with a 3-5" clearance from the ground. This allows for your feet to securely brace under the bar for doing your ab or stomach exercises. This height also allows for your hands to grip the bar for leg-raise exercises, and allows for full extension when doing calf-raises. The SOLID SIT-UP can also be used with fitness bands, fitness balls and other gym accessors creating a complete fitness system!


  • Manufactured with 14-Gauge High-Strength Steel and protected by an impact-resistant powder coating
  • 32" wide to bolt directly into standard existing wall studs, includes wood mounting hardware
  • Can be used for traditional sit-ups, leg lifts, calf-raises, swiss-ball crunches, and many other exercises
  • The nearly-indestructible design can take continual abuse and last for decades
  • Use with fitness bands for curls, shoulder presses, flys, and more!

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