Tekbell Kettlebell, 20kg (44-Pound), Black

Tekbell Kettlebell, 20kg (44-Pound), Black

Tekbell Kettlebell, 20kg (44-Pound), Black Rating:
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One step up from the ever-popular 35 lb kettlebell, this 20kg bad-boy is ready to take you to the next level in your routines. A hefty weight that's sure to get your heart rate going, this is a perfect size for anybody that feels their skills are just a step or two above "average." Tekbell offers a wide variety of weights ranging from 4kg kettlebells (10lbs) to 60kg kettlebells (132lbs) - all built for heavy use, made from cast iron and with a rust-resistant black e-coated finish. When choosing the ideal weight, note that many gyms and athletes have several sized bells to accommodate their training regimen. Smaller weights such as the 10 lb. can also be used in a single-hand technique for lifts or curls, allowing for continued use after you’ve “advanced” to a heavier weight. The fun part of building the best kettlebell set for your routines is that it can happen over time, as you get a feel for your favorite weights and workouts. Tekbell’s cast-iron bells work and perform the same function and are a lot less expensive than steel competition bells. When shopping for kettlebells, watch for poorly made handles that are too rough that they may tear up your hands. Others have vinyl coating, which becomes sticky and prevents the kettlebell from moving freely in your hands. These can be very uncomfortable to use and can even affect your technique. Tekbell took into consideration these factors for your safety, comfort, and strength.


  • One piece cast iron construction for rock solid strength
  • Rustproof electro coated finish
  • Lifetime Limited Warranty
  • Authentic Russian proportions
  • Textured surface works great with chalk for better grip

Tekbell Kettlebell, 20kg (44-Pound), Black 4.4 out of 5 based on 13 ratings.
Kettlebells $107.75

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