TruFit The Unit – Orange – Blue

TruFit The Unit - Orange - Blue

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TruFit The Unit has climbing grade nylon webbing for increased strength. A dual anchor setup allows for a variety of different exercises that can help build and strengthen different muscles groups. An instructional dvd and 36 page guide book give you all the required information needed to start using the equipment correctly. Snap Gate Carabiners allow for up to 5400lbf (pounds of force), so that you can place all your body weight onto the equipment with out any fears it might break. All the equipment has a certain rating of force it can withstand. The Trufit unit uses the Kn rating to measure the level of force that can be applied to the equipment. The 9kn adjustable locking buckle allows for adjustability and the 30kn Body weight ring allows for additional strength.


  • This packs includes:
  • Dual anchor setup - For additional exercise routine.
  • 24kn (5400lbf) Carabinar - Can withstand 5400 pounds worth of force.
  • Aircraft AL handles - For comfort over long periods of exercise.
  • Climbing grade nylon webbing - For increased strength and with stands ripping.

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