Yamax EX-210 Power Walker EX Pedometer

Yamax EX-210 Power Walker EX Pedometer

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Authorised Yamax Reseller - Guaranteed Product The EX 210 Series is a modern accelerometer which is small and sleek; it is designed to fit comfortably into your pocket or purse. The EX210 Series is the current state of the art within the Accelerometer Market. The EX210 model is extremely easy to use and very accurate. With just 2 buttons on the front display, one for reset the other to cycle through the memory to review your last 7 days activity. Since an accelerometer is constantly collecting data, the average battery life is about five months on other models; However, Japanese Engineers have managed to enable the Yamax EX210 Accelerometer to function for about twelve months on a single battery. This battery is easily found and easily replaceable; we offer them on our web site. The EX210 Series is a product of Japanese Quality & Engineering. You will find the pricing competitive with lesser quality accelerometers that are mass produced in other countries. Features: • Counts steps • Easy to use • One button reset • 7 day memory • 3D sensor technology • 24hr Clock • Easy to read LCD display • Highly accurate and very reliable


  • Counts steps - highly accurate - modern design
  • 3D sensor technology - wear in pocket, purse, arm etc
  • 7 days memory for all your walking data
  • Full 24 hour clock - comes with its own safety strap
  • Highly accurate and reliable with Easy to read LCD display

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